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All Thai

Hom Mali Rice

Jasmine rice is one of Thai's pride. There was a saying that, nowhere could grow the jasmine rice like Thailand. With its high quality, soft texture and unique pleasing scent, make the jasmine rice becomes one of Thai famous export product.

In design part, we want to show the real unique of Thailand. We choose Thai ancient wall painting as the main element. While remaining its distinctive style, we develop and simplify further design to get more contemporary look. We create an illustration of Thai ancient women's cooking process activity. They are cooking and steaming the jasmine rice delicately. If you notice carefully you will see that, one of them even open the steaming pot slightly to see if the rice is ready. We also position this illustration on the wooden background, which links back to Thai wooden house in the past.

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All Thai


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By printing technique on the aluminium foil allows our illustration to be more golden sparkle charmingly. Yellow are printed on the surface directly to get the shine gold effect, while the other elements are matte and opaque. This way of printing could create a significant contrast and impressive outcome. The golden illustration is just like a sense of aromatic spell from ancient cooker, that the customers will receive when they eat "All Thai" jasmine rice.

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