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Clear Top Coat

Alpha is a clear coating car care product. Through the mixture of clear coating ingredient and hardener, Alpha makes your car shine while also efficiently protecting its surface from scratches . ​The main purpose of this design is to represent the sublime manufacturing process which guarantees the premium quality of Alpha's products. To maintain the high standard, the newest technology is always used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the design has to give the product's brand image the sense of both scientific invention and futuristic technology. 

Client / 

Thai Jaras


Role / 

KV, Packaging, Poster Design

Year / 


For the design, we use the "A" alphabet of "Alpha" to showcase the product's function. The inside structure of the "A" is coated with a shield that protects the alphabet from external environment while giving the surface a luxurious shine. Moreover, the "A" alphabet also represents "A" Class, which could help the customers to easily see and remember Alpha as a classy brand at the top of its category. In the case of the product line's expansion, the visual theme is highly flexible for further development and adaptation while maintaining the product's identity.

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